Monaco Alarmes

Alarms and Automated Systems from Monaco to St Tropez

Installation and maintenance in Monaco, Nice, Cannes…

Since 2008 Monaco Alarmes has been surveying, installing and maintaining your anti-intruder alarm, fire detection and alarm, automatic extinguishers, access control, gate video cameras, intercoms, smart home technology, computer cabling, Wi-Fi networks, BMS/CTM....

Find out about our various jobs: electronic security, smart home, computer cabling as well as maintenance of our installations.

We work with businesses and individuals on the Côte d'Azur.

ALARMS - video surveillance

Installation of anti-intruder and fire detection alarms in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St Tropez.
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Electronic security controlled by smart home technology for jewellers, tertiary services, villas…
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Installation of computer cabling, aerials, etc. in Alpes Maritimes.
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Monaco Alarmes Maintenance Contract and Trouble-Shooting Service.
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